What's been up with ICP?

My stomach felt like the very Butterfly itself and about 75 of its homies were chillin' inside it, as the few days left leading up to the Gathering crept by. Every fuckin' night, I was dreaming about revealing the 6th and getting booed off stage, or cheered, or fuckin' maybe a lil' of both. Weather the dreams were good or bad, they were always about the 6th and what the Juggalos will think. It stayed on my fuckin' mind 22 outta 24 hours a day. I was constantly wondering, what will they think of "The Wraith"? Will anybody get it? Will they understand and dig the 6th message that the mighty Dark Carnival has givin' us to deliver? The big, final, devastating, ultimate 6th message, 10 years in the making?

Making the Wraith

The whole time making the record was magical for us. Me and Shaggy and our traveling road dogs, that have been in hiding with us, chillin' this whole time, would sit in our hotel rooms talking about the 6th and just trip out over it all. We have grown extra close with the ninjas that were out there recording with us. Strange ninjas you wouldn't expect us to be so down with have become close like family to me and Shaggy over the last year. Ninjas like Sabu, Mike P, Legs Diamond, Syn, and Lil' Pig from Zug Izland, and believe it or not, also Esham the Unholy. Me and Esham both would sit together at truck stop internet stations and read all the bullshit on the web about how much we supposedly hate each other and we'd just laugh. These guys traveled with me and Shaggy and the whole time they had mad respect for what we were working on. We didn't fuckin' go out and party every night or any fuckin' night for that matter. We were all about the 6th and nothing but the 6th. We all would just sit in somebody's hotel room at times, smoking that rumble, pondering what will happen once it all goes down. Many times we would have nuttin' to say to each other about anything, because the fact was, all anybody could really offer was purely speculation anyway. We would just sit in the dark for hours and hours, listening to what we were creating, and wondering about the fate of the Juggalo world, once this record is released and the truth is finally out about us and the Dark Carnival.

The whole time we were gone, inside I felt really bizarre, because I was so amazed by the magic we were making and I felt so proud of the shit we were puttin' down for the 6th, yet I felt very hated at the same time, which also I guess made it easier to stay in hiding. I kept thinking lots of ninjas would be booing me everywhere I went at the Gathering. Just from reading so much bullshit on the internet, it seems like I'm the biggest target of people's hate rational lies and assaults. I was ready for the worst at the Gathering. I was prepared to both check chins off and hug other ninjas wit love.

Everything is so fuckin' weird and it all feels so good these days. Its raining diamonds on my life and it ain't about to stop any decade close. I don't really know if the 6th Joker's Card is really as big of a deal to any of you ninjas out there like it is to the people here at Psychopathic. Nobody here got to even hear it. Nobody got to see it themselves, or even know what it was called. We didn't even get to chill with and see the ninjas here at Psychopathic the whole time we was recording, and off in hiding. When ever we came by discussing the 6th with the Dons, even the fuckin' Warriors had to leave the room.

But the time had finally come for the Gathering. Me and Shaggy were out of time, but as ready as fuck to provide. The record was finished. The messages were clear, our decisions were final and we were ready, to re-surface with our slightly more colorful and "old schoolish circus" face paint style, and put it down to the Juggalos as it is, and as it's gonna be with the 6th. Flat out, no matter what anybody thinks about it, we knew we had to just tell everybody at the seminars and face yall at the Gathering with the 6th revealed. We we're outta time but mother fuck, we were ready. We knew we had to stand behind it and put it down clownly face to fuckin' clownly face, no matter what ninjas thought about it. Once we announced it, that was gonna be it. Surprisingly once it came down to it, I was proud and ready to scream that shit out, no matter what happened afterwards. I just was ready as fuck to rep the shit we had made, the fuckin' mighty 6th fuckin' Jokers Card. Fuck what anybody says about it once it's out because its the fuckin' Nuke.

Listen... Please Juggalos... You have to view this situation threw our eyes in order to understand, fully what's going on here with the 6th. So follow me carefully and picture this scenario...

Let's say you're a scrub at school. Well, you tell the whole school, that one day your gonna fuck Jenny Mac Douglas who is the super, most popular, hottest hottie in the school. Everybody laughs you outta class everyday like "Yeah right, sure, whatever, fuck off". Well 9th grade goes by, then the 10th, 11th and now your deep into the 12th grade and you still ain't fucked Jenny Mac Douglas or any other chick for that matter. But your still standin' your ground and your still a scrub vowing to one day fuck Jenny Mac Douglas. Even she looks at you like "You ain't ever comin' near me with that scrubby ass; I don't know what the fuck your ugly ass is talkin' about..."

Well, one night, at the end of your final school year, your walkin' home from nowhere especially fresh and you walk right by Jenny Mac Douglas's house. You suddenly just decide to stop. You got all the pressure in the world right there on your shoulders. So what do you do? You spark one up and you smoke it down thinkin' "fuck it man, my times up. I gotta at least try". So you knock on the door with nothin' to lose. She opens the door and there you are. You got a 6 pack of condoms in one hand and a 2 Liter of Faygo Orange in the other. You got a scrubby style smirk on your face, like "Suuuuuup byatch"?

Jenny Mac Douglas is so stunned by the fact that you're actually standing on her porch that she almost faints. She immediately lets you in. Even you can't believe it. Not only does she let you in, but she drops right to her knees and starts toppin' you off right there in her living room. The whole time buffin' your sauteed mushroom cap off she's explaining how she's been waitin' 4 years for this moment. You then took her up to her room and you fuckin' fucked the girl... I mean you really, really, fucked the livin' hell out of her. Neden hole, mouth hole, booty hole... you was all up in her holes, balls deep. You fucked her so good, that her mama's mama nutted in her grandma panties. I'm talkin' Jenny Mac Douglas nutted 5 times, put claw marks on your back, her toes curled up like the Iron Sheik's fuckin' wrestling boots, her nipples even nutted, she spanked YOUR ass, and all that crazy fuck shit! I'm talkin' like you ate a bowl of Viagra pills or something because when you left her house afterwards (7 hours later that night), she was nothing but a quivering, spent, piece of flesh, passed out for the next 2 days, with her neden hole still shaped just like your dick piece. You did it; you fuckin' did it after all. Now, here comes graduation time and you got your big news! You did it!You actually pulled it off and you know it! So, you run up there on November 5th and you fuckin' grab the microphone in front of the whole fuckin' school and you scream "I fucked the fuckin' fuck outta Jenny Mac "Mutha Fuckin'" Douglas, mutha fuckaaaaaaaas!!!! ........................................... What happens next? That's where I end the story and ask you...

If this was actually happening to you and that was YOU that finally got to scream that you "FUCKIN' DID IT!" to the whole school, would it really matter what happened afterwards? Would YOU PERSONALLY really care about what THEY thought or said, knowing that YOU did it? I mean like, let's say the whole school erupted in cheers, jumped up on the stage and raised you up screaming, "Thank you! We love you! You did it!" Ok that would be fresh as hell and all, but let's say things at school that day didn't quite end up that way. What if the whole school was like "No you didn't! We think your lying!" or maybe they were like "We just don't fuckin' care. You STILL AIN'T SHIT! Fuck off! Scrub". Would that really be that bad? I mean so nobody believes you... so fuckin' what right? I'm sayin', you DID IT! YOU FUCKED HER and YOU KNOW YOU DID. So who really cares what anybody else thinks? You pulled it off just like you said you would. So who cares if nobody else buys it, and just fucks you off, at least YOU YOURSELF KNOW that you pulled it off.

Well, that, (In a very badly put example, however I'm too fuckin' lazy to go back rewrite a whole new scenario that makes better sense in relevance to what the fuck I'm trying to say here) is kind of like us, and where we're at now. That's kind of, sort of, not really, where me and Shaggy are at with the 6th Jokers Card and the Juggalo World. I'm trying to say that WE KNOW that we absolutely, positively fuckin' fucked the shit outta the Wraith's flavor freshness factor by level 1,000,000. We tag teamed that bitch. We turned that fuckin', freaky ass, trifflin' lil' skanky bitch the fuck out. We KNOW that the 6th will make every fuckin' body happy with at least one song. I can fuckin' promise that you will fuckin' absolutely fall in love with at least one of the fuckin' songs on it. I don't give a fuck if your Busta Rhymes, Metallica, fuckin' Fred Bisket, Snoop Frog, Red Hot Chili Fucks or fuckin' Britina Agulario. We fuckin' smoke the fuck out of everybody on every fuckin' musical style we fuck with. I fuckin' play piano with my toes and Shaggy drop kicks the Tuba horn and we fuckin' turned it the fuckin' mother fuckin' fuck out.

Now... when it drops on November 5th... If... EVEN IF.... the whole world, EVEN THE Juggalos that we live our very lives for... hate the record... Me and Shaggy (and the Dark Carnival that we so much believe in), will still be happy. I can't lie to you. I was happy and satisfied with everything and every inch of its outcome the day the record was done. So was Shaggy. Our whole road dog crew was all in awe over it and happy as fuck with it. Ninjas were speechless. All we can say is that no matter what, we stand behind it and represent the 6th Jokers Card just like it is, until death. We offer no apologies for anything on it. Either your with us, or FORGET US. We love it that much. It goes way beyond life, money, tradition, style, and it GOES WAY, WAY beyond anybody's limitations or and expectations of Insane Clown Posse. The 6th is our very SOULS trapped and put to music on a fuckin' CD and how could we do anything but stick with it no matter what people think about it?

Just like "the ninja that did it, and knows he fucked the hell outta that bitch Jenny Mac Douglas... we, as ICP, absolutely KNOW that we created the fuckin' very, possible best, mutha fuckin', greatest, mutha fuckin' piece of musical melody ever presented in this fuckin' stratosphere's history. To us, the 6th is every bit as big and large and powerful as it's 10 year hype leads it up to be. So we ARE ready as fuck to BRING IT TO YOUR FACE. The Wraith. Its look is out, its name is out, its story is out... now coming NOVEMBER 5th is the REAL part that matters... the shit. We are MORE than ready for that shit so BRING THE HYPE.

We promise you, that if you fuckin' promise us, that you'll get it when it comes out... (for real style, and not some choppy ass download with skips, glitches and low quality all over it... but get the real thing, fuck it, steal it out of the store if you gotta, just get an original pressing with the booklet some fuckin' how)... and take it home.. sit down, with a good pair of HEADPHONES and just relax, (maybe smoke a lil' somethin', that's always optional)... Slice open that shrink wrap with your thumb... open that bitch... smell the newness... pull out that shiny ass, sky blue, heavenly ass, decade in the making, historical fuckin' CD... turn it over, look at your Juggalo ass face in the CD's reflection and recognize the heart and soul put into the voyage your about to take... blow the diamond dust off it if necessary... and pop that bitch in to your walkman or whatever (as long as you got on headphones)... and just close your eyes... listen un-interrupted and really listen to the words and music... and our promise to you is that YOU WILL VISET SHANGRA LA on an amazingly, funny, wonderful, fast, wicked, scary, and incredibly Juggalonious, harmonious voyage... Just ICP, the Wraith and you.

Anytime you wanna go again, we'll be right there as long as you have the CD and somethin' good to play it on. We're there with you specially and magically, each and every time you fuckin' play it, believe me. I promise this.

Gathering - THURSDAY

When the time had finally come for the Gathering and the seminars, I was truthfully ready to go. On the way there any additional negative worries began to fade away. The fact that it had been 8 months since we even faced any Juggalos as ICP alone made me nervous but that all went away because you could start to feel and sense the real Juggalo love already within' I'd say a 100 mile radius of the Gathering. Ninjas was at gas stations, restaurants showin' love and reppin' the Hatchet stickers everywhere on cars, busses, motorcycles and even some fuckin' hitch hikers were Juggalos.

We drove up from Detroit in an 8 car convoy. ICP, Blaze, ABK, Twiztid, Zug Izland and a gang of homies. The whole family. Twiztid was in Jamie Madrox's dope ass: Pine Green, Lincoln Navigator, Dub - Double 0 - Dub. Shaggy was with Lil' Pig from Zug Izland, and Legs Diamond, and our homie Pat in his Burgundy Red, 2002, Cadillac Escalade Trizznuck.

We, over on my end, chose the pimp grip. My crew was Anybody Killa, Esham the Unholy, Syn and myself. We Drove (my dope ass, Pearl White, Cadillac Deville, 2002, on the 22 inch, 130 Spoke Day Days, that I purchased (in cash) with the loot that we got from an advance check some company sent us for an upcoming JCW Video Game for Play Station 2, that yall ain't supposed to be knowing about yet, but since we keepin' everything so really real, let's keep it really real then). Maybe I'm probably being a little bit to in detail, and yeah I'm sayin' this mostly just to try and make my crew sound fresh, by adding in all that extra info about the rides and all that, but the fact is that you wanna know what was going threw my head on the way down to the Gathering? THAT WAS.

I was steady fuckin' trippin'. Flat out. I was thinkin' "HOLY FUCK MAN! Look at how fuckin' dope we look! We're fuckin' ryden down here, fresh as hell style, 8 cars deep, all of them, reppin white Hatchet men stickers on the bottom right back window." Over the years that has become a trade mark of ninjas at Psychopathic. All of our cars all got small white Hatchet men stickers on the bottom left back windows. I guess it's sort of like, our own humble way of sayin' "Look, we're connected on the inside of the Hatchet, mutha fucka, like mafia style." We've never actually discussed it though. Maybe that's just how I see it, but on the way down to the Gathering, I know, all I could think about was shit that kept overwhelming me. The 6th, of course, the Gathering, without saying, but thank God I smoke tree now because seein' Jamie in that Navy and Blaze grippin' in his Low Rider Caddy was havin' me fuggin' buggin'. It was overwhelmin' me. I was feelin' proud as fuck seein' them fools in all them new cars, making money like that. We were all beamin' happy as fuck, just to be alive and together. It was steady raining diamonds the whole way down.

We had to leave Psychopathic's offices at around 10:00am because we had an 8:00pm evening press conference to do that night in Peoria. See now, we had been to Peoria before on a tour and I personally got lucky with not one, but 2 chicks from a tittie bar there that night, so I was lookin' forward to returning to Peoria on that based fact alone, but that was a long time ago.

We got to the Gathering complex and ninjas were camped out everywhere: parking lots, corners, alleyways and all around the entire fuckin' city. We were staying at some stale ass, fancy hotel about 2 blocks from the Gathering, Psychopathic had reserved out 3 whole fuckin' floors, but we heard the real party was over at the Holiday Inn. We also heard reports of a lot of Juggalos having no place to stay because of bullshit hotels pulling last minute rules outta there ass about "Juggalo Deposits" and some shit. But what could we do. Nuttin.

We snuck into the convention center and basically laid low. We painted up and headed right into the Press Conference. There were only about 15 press ninjas there, which makes perfect sense. Here you have 8,000 ninjas from all over the country, and world, for that matter, all Gathering for a Dark Carnival weekend summit, in honor of the wicked shit in music, and yet nobody was even there from Rolling Stone, Spin, MTV, or nuttin'. Just local news people wondering why there town has been over thrown by Juggalos. I had to calm them all down and explain that Peoria itself and the local people who live there mean absolutely nothing to us. We have gathered here only to celebrate each other's company, and the local folks don't have to worry because none of us are here to creep threw anybody's fuckin' backyards.

We basically stood up, made a few points, and was out. It was kind of fresh for us though, standing on any kind of stage, in front of anybody for that matter, because it had been so long, but I wasn't nervous or anything like that. I was more excited to show off our new circus-ish paint look than anything. So I was straight up cheesin' my grill off for them cameras, and after that, it wasn't really nothing much more I really had to say to the press of Pee-holea, Illonoise.

That night I basically hung out and stayed on them 3 Psychopathic floors catching up with everybody else at Psychopathic. I just chilled on the low with 2 Tuff Tony, Esham the Unholy, Sabu, Lenny and Lodi and all them wrestler guys. I tried to fuck Missy Hyatt all night. For those that don't know, Missy Hyatt is the shit. She could make Elton John's dick hard. Plus check out her porn stylish web site www.wrestlingvixxxens.com. She's already done so much in pro wrestling that she even wrote a fresh ass book about it. She managed everybody that's everybody in wrestling. She fucked many a wrestler too probably. People know her sexy ass lips, titties and ass all over the fuckin' planet. I'd have to admit that I've rubbed many a nut out to photos and pin ups of Missy Hyatt from various wrestling magazines over the years. Plus I always wanted to fuck somebody famous and to me, she's not only famous, but she's famous in my favorite shit... RASSLIN! She's my fuckin' Stacy Keebler, and all that ass, times 5. However, "fuck" we did not. She wasn't havin' it at all on some "first night type of shit". You need some class to tap that ass.

I went to my room but I couldn't sleep for shit. I was way too exited. The Dark Carnival was all over the vicinity. Spirits whipping in and outta my room, down the hallways, through the window cracks and under the doors, it was like Poltergeist 5 in that bitch. Finally, a lil' hot ass Juggalette from my past and present and hopefully future, that I respect too much to mention by name, suddenly stopped by my room in the late night hour. We kicked it for a while and she politely topped a killa off. After that, I went to sleep peacefully in my hotel room with her sleeping in my arms, and my nut sleeping in her belly. (I had to say that)

Day 1 - FRIDAY

Being woke up always sucks; I don't give a fuck if it's for the 1st day of the Gathering or the electric chair. I could be gettin' woke up with my dick in a bitch's mouth and it would still suck. But knowing what was going down, I finally rolled out of bed and got ready. The very first thing was the Dark Lotus in-store with all our Hatchet homies. That's always the shit because we're always fuckin' with each other. Juggalo Ninjas kept commin' through the line tellin' me I was lookin' less "fat ass-ish" that was the shit to hear, because I had been steady ninja training with Sabu and gettin' my shit straight for the era of the 6th. Being a fat kid has its perks and all, but not when it comes to show time. I just wanna stage dive without breakin' too many fuckin' necks. So hearing ninjas say that shit to me felt good. But fuck me, let's talk about the Juggalettes! Bitches were lookin' extra good. They had us pitchin' mad tents up under that aut-oh-graph table. All the Juggalos was showin' me love, not one hater. I couldn't believe it. When we first sat down together, I was almost feelin' like I was holdin' our group's all around flavor back because of so much anti "me" shit that I'd seen on the web, but once that in-store got under way, it was nothing but love. I've always been a paranoid shit-so-frantic fucko, lunatic, plus them 8 months away just had me trippin'. But clown love was all up in that bitch ass like Hulkamania in 87.

After the (what seemed like an extra short Dark Lotus in-store), everybody was off to do their own shit again. Me and Shaggy's first shit was the big ICP seminar. I couldn't fuckin' wait. I got outta my Lotus mask and got painted up in my "Sky, Shangri-la Blue" hook up. We brought in some new homies/partners of ours in from LA (Sota FX) to do our new make up and all that shit.

Once we were straight, and so fresh and so clean, we headed straight off to the seminar room. That's when I seen her, I'm talking about "Rach-Hell;" the nice, dark, gothy lookin' girl that was running our seminar rooms at the Gathering. Little did I know this for sure that day, (all though I had my serious concerns and assumptions), but Rach-Hell also happens to be a fuckin', cold hearted, evil, snake, straight out of hell's ass (who wears all black because it's the only thing that suits her evil, dark, dreaded aura perfectly), but all of this of course is still purely speculation on my part, and I cannot prove a thing. But then again, I can't prove the Moon's really in space either, but I'll fuckin' bet that ass it is... Anyway, enough about that dead tree bitch in the middle of this enormous beautiful garden of Juggaloism that I felt like a naked fag running threw (I know that was a bad, bad way of putting it, I know, but fuck you man, it's like 5:00am and my back hurts. You want good comedy, go rent Jamie Fox)

Our homies, Kelly Ubanks, Lil' Rudy, and our 2 security guys Rich and Pat, who made sure to take us here and there and basically kept us on schedule all 3 days) walked us past the nasty ass dead tree, and right into the Seminar room were Twiztid was, I guess, just finishing there's up. But some other ninjas, helping run our seminar rooms, told us we were helly late! Our schedule must have been wrong because we were on time according to the shit we had. Anyway they told us to just get out there, right then and start our shit, so we did. I felt like we were hoeing out Twiztid at first by just waltzin' on out there, but they seemed happy to see us, so it was all good.

Holy shit man, that seminar room was fuckin' packed. That's when it all became official to my mental state. When we walked out there in front of all those Juggalos, the looks on their faces and the love they gave us when we walked out made it all fuckin' official. It must have just been the weed before (slight paranoia), because I looked them Juggalos in the fuckin' eye balls, eye to fuckin' eye, and they DID NOT HATE ME. They were fuckin' down with the clizzolias. This clown too. IC fuckin' Peezy bitch. What? Fuck internet nerds. Inner City Posse's still alive hoe. Me and Joey. These Juggalos was fuckin' down, and the room was fuckin' packed solid. I personally know it was over 300 degrees in that room because my balls were both hard boiled, half way threw that seminar.

I was so nervous both my knees were Jell-O and they could hardly hold up my gumpy ass frame. The Juggalos were so fuckin' packed in and up close on us, it felt like I was sharin' my t-shirt with 4 other ninjas. I was nervous because it was so hot, but what made it worse was the fact that ninjas were so packed in, that hundreds were pushed all up in my ugly mug. I'm talkin' inches; like we was on some, "About to kiss" type of shit. I could see who had their fuckin' tonsils out and who didn't. People were so packed in, other ninjas' lips and noses were almost smearin' our makeup. It felt like 1400 fat kids trapped in an elevator.

But it was time to reveal the 6th none the less, and we had no choice but to let the cat outta the bag, or in this case, let the panther outta its cage. We laid it down; broke it down card by card and all that shit. I even stalled for a minute and told a fresh ass story about meeting Pamela Anderson and Mark from Sugar Loaf at a club in LA a few weeks ago, while we were there filming a commercial for the 6th. But when the time came, just like when we all have to face judgment, we had to then. We faced Judgment from all, and we did it. It seemed to be a positive response about the Wraith, but we'll have the real test on the 5th of November. But right up in them fresh ass Juggalos faces, we showed them the Wraith and explained it to them. I maybe was crying, but everybody was so close, only one ninja probably noticed, and even he probably only could see one of my eyes and so he wasn't even too sure or not. Plus we all were crying because it was so fuckin' hot and sweaty that everybody smelt like onion ass. Finally we wrapped it up and ducked the fuck out the back.

Then the next thing I knew, it was mother fuckin', finally fuckin' over. The secret was out. It would spread from there, but before then, before that seminar in that hot ass, packed room, nobody knew. Not even our new record company D3 Entertainment knew the album's name nor did they get to hear even a fuckin' lick of it. Why should they get to? Why? Why should anybody else get to but those in that very seminar room? The first that got to hear its name and story were all straight up, the real fuckin' ninjas that deserved to, and truly wanted to. It's their fuckin' album! Made customly for them. Not to make money or get famous, although that would be the shit, but fact is, the 6th was a custom job built by the Dark carnival for its followers. Its name and its story fuckin' means something to them, just like it does to me and Shaggy. Think about that. What do those Juggalos have to gain off the 6th? Nothing but pure music and nothing more. YET, inside our music because of there rare Juggalo blood, they will be able to find love, understanding, and an outlet for there pains, hurting and most of all there angers. The 6th will provide them with fuckin' Juggalo therapy, which is something nobody else would understand except maybe a fuckin' voodoo witch doctor from Uganda.

Those fuckin' Gathering Juggalos, they are the ones that truly deserve to hear about the shit first because it's fuckin' theirs. That's why it exists. It means something to them inside. What the fuck else would they be doing in Peoria, Illinois, packed together, inside a hot ass room, painted up like a fuckin' clown? Because it means something to them, just as much as it does to me and Shaggy ourselves.

On the way back to the dressing room area me and Joey were silent. Fuck man. That was it. It felt just like it did when I told my brother I smoke weed. It was the truth, I supported my decision, yet it was so fuckin' hard and scary to do... but why? Who fuckin' knows.

After that, it was off to the ring, to get some JCW on. I was really lookin' forward to this part too because me and Shaggy had Sabu's tailor person make us some Sabu hook ups to wrestle in. Plus I was 100 percent feeling healthy and ready to get my wrestle on. However, all that good shit got shot straight to hell as soon as we hit the ring. It was soaking wet, the ropes are slippery and wet, and the outside floor is worse than an oil slick wet; it was all around crazy. The ring is just littered with shit, and quarters and pennies and shit are just continuously raining on you. That shit hurts like hell too. Plus there's mad ice all over the ring and floor, and it's crazy as fuck, but... It's Juggalo, so we hit the ring. It was me, Joey and Sabu against Lenny, Lodi and Disco Inferno. I tried to lift Lenny like 5 times for the Gorilla Press Slam that we've done 1000 times in matches before. But the first time I tried, I felt like I was pinching his nuts when I lifted him so that didn't work. Second try I lost my balance on him and I lost my grip and dropped him completely. The third and forth time, I just was too weak and blown up to pull it off, and by then I just gave up. Wow. I fuckin' sucked. The ropes were so wet I couldn't even jump off the first rope without slippin' on my wet ass. I just needed to tag the fuck back out. Plus Disco was hurt for real and couldn't do anything in the ring, and so was Lodi. We had no choice, so we we're all 3 workin' Lenny half to death so we kept the match sort and unfortunately stale. That was it. Wrestling was over and it was time to get our concert on.

By the way, if you noticed we had Sunny walk us out to the ring as our valet, but that was just so that I could get her away from her husband long enough to tell her that if she ever wants to get somethin' freaky going on the DL with a scrub like Violent Jizzno, to just holla at a ninja. If that shit ever comes out on video, you should clearly be able to see me telling her this all the way down to the ring, during and even AFTER the match on the way back up the ramp.

First up that night concert-wise was The Psychopathic Rydas. I strapped on my gang rags (ALLEGIDELY) and couldn't wait to hit that fuckin' stage. It's been 8 months, that's like no sex for a nympho. I ran out there (ALLEGIDELY) and Bullet was in full fuckin' effect. I was so happy to be out on stage that I was even straight up rappin' over other ninjas parts (ALLEGIDELY). Rydas is tuff to keep your breath on when your doing it on stage (ALLEGIDELY) because the songs are so fast, but my Karma was so high, rappin' in front of all them fuckin' Juggalos packed into that arena, I was out there on some MC Tornado shit. I was lovin' it. I didn't want the set to end. When it did, it sucked because I was having fun. I didn't want to leave the stage. I even took my fuckin' pants off and threw them in the crowd, revealing my ultra bright white legs. The whole crowd all took two steps back thinking it was some kind of super special effect, but no. It was just my plane ass, fat white ass, no kind of tan legs. Sorry.

After that it was back to the stale ass dressing room to get ready to put it down (FACTUALLY) with Dark Lotus. I hoped everybody was down with the hook ups that me and Joey designed for our Dark Lotus set, Jamie, Blaze, ABK, and Paul seemed to dig the fresh Camouflage Lotus look. Once I got on stage I was outta control. I saw that the guardrail was pushed hella far back. I don't wanna crush a ninja, but I knew I had to get my full on stage dive off a few times and so I headed for the crowd. I seen a little stage monitor so I figured I'd use that to spring off of and get myself up and out further. So I put my foot on it to jump off and it must of weighed 1 pound and been made out of plastic because it just rolled right up under my foot. I flew backwards. My first stage dive of my big fuckin' return to the stage in 8 months and BLAM!!! I hit hard, back first, way down in between the stage and the barricade. The security guys tried to pick me up but I had to shake my head "NO" because the wind was knocked clean the fuck up outta me. I was about to die. I moved my legs to see if I broke my back and everything still worked but I was hit. Finally they helped me up an I went to the side of the stage and took a second to breath. Holy shit yall. That shit fuckin' hurt. Even with all the Karma and adrenalin, I was wounded, for real. I hit hard as fuck back first, but an arrow could of been stickin' outta my head, as long as I was conscious I was doing the Gathering. Fuck that "gettin hurt on the first night shit" like a fuckin' stale fuck. And having my entire brother's work go to hell and lettin' down all these ninjas that been lookin' forward to this forever. I walked back up the back of the stage and right back out. I needed a wheel chair. I was wounded and I can't lie, I was frontin' hard the whole rest of that show. I was fuckin' crippled and playin' it off as hard as I could. When that show ended, so did I. I was outtie in seconds back to the telly. Emergency lift style. I was crumbled up dieing even in the car.

Once again keepin' it really real, I will, I stayed doped up on Vikadens and Somas then whole rest of the Gathering. No lie. I was just too fucked up from that fall.

That night though, after all the Viks and NyQuils kicked in, it was me and Missy Hyatt again, only this time, the dick WAS applied. And might I add with supreme perfection. She received at least 60 minutes of dick time easily, which ain't bad for a "minute man" that was somehow actually fuckin' MISSY HYATT. I don't know how I did it, but I did. She got seriously dicked dizzown something real proper like. That's all I have to say about that at this time, however, feel free to speculate if you wish.


This day I woke up to a fresh yellow omelet with salt, thanks to our runner/homie Kelly who got up earlier and had one whipped up for a ninja. Once I tried to rise up out of bed though, there was nothing doing. My back and wrist were on lock down and broken into pieces from that stale ass, weak ass fall, I shamelessly took last night. I had to just lay there until all the tic-tacs and other pain pills fully kicked in.

Up and at 'em, we were immediately painted up and headed off to do an ICP signing. Juggalos were from everywhere. I met ninjas from China, England, Australia, and all over this bitch, and they was all showin' mad love. Ninjas were telling me the exact opposite of what the internet was.You see, the internet is a scary thing if you ain't careful and you're an older, dumb, and un-educated ninja like me. The fact is that on the internet, its' such an artificial world, with no real substance at all, that even hater ass weak, lil' young ass nerds can become powerful on the web. Me being so old school, at first I failed at to realize just how powerful, some hater shit can look on the net, yet not mean a damn thing in reality. Spread a few lies and boom, the internet just carried a fuckin' weak ass, lil' nerd's lie clear across the world! But what I failed to really understand is that most of the people buying into them same lies and hatin' on you are also nerds, just like the fuckin' nerd that spread the rumors! It's a straight up nerdy nerd thing. Juggalos ain't nerds, maybe a lil' scrubby but ain't nothing nerdy about a real Juggalo. Only a real Juggalo would wait in that long ass line just to tell us they fuckin' "love us for the music, thank you" and shit like that. A weak ass feeble, hater nerd however would be way, way too fuckin' weak and feeble, to wait in that line, get all the way up to our face and then say something hateful and anti Juggalo to us directly.. That's a task far too much real and actual and terrifying for a fuckin' weak ass, lil nerd to ever pull off. So instead they run home to there moms' house, get on that computer she bought them and then try and become tuff. They try to chop down ninjas that hand built themselves up in the real world face to face. The do this because they know how badly they could never build something as fresh as we did, and even its impact has had such a powerful effect over them themselves, that since they cant have it all, or be part of it enough, that they wanna chop it all down for it. Pick at our tiny flaws and shit. You know what I mean, just basically be straight up fuckin' nerds, like they do. The very kind of fuckin' gossiping lil' nerdy fucks you see on the E! Channel, spreading rumors about somebody getting fat and having trouble with the law. Make 10 great movies and all they wanna report is how you got caught smoking pot in a park or something. Fuckin' nerds I tell ya.

To all HATERS LISTEN... It's great. You ninjas are fans. Not Juggalos, or X Juggalos, you ninjas are straight up fans. Our biggest ones too. We've had such a strong impact on your lives that it's confused the fuck outta you. You absolutely realize and understand that you cannot be us so all you can do is try to bring us down!

If there was a button that could be pressed, that would make the whole world blow up, you don't' think the government would have mad guards on it? Why? Because there would be mad, mad people out there leading such stale lives themselves that they would try to press that button just to be known and remembered for something. That's a fact, from that huge scenario all the way down to yall and ICP.

Look nerdy; I fuckin' hate the fuck out of Limb Bizkit's music. But I ain't startin' any companies and web sites that try to bring them down. Why? Because I really do hate them. I don't wanna fuckin' dig all up in they shit everyday and research for dirt to report about them, in fact I don't even want to look at they fuckin' faces. So I don't.Not in the real world or on the web. I can promise you that I personally have never gone to Ozzy Ozborne's web site. Why not? Because I hate Ozzy and I really REALLY don't give two shits about what he's got going on. I stay clear of it all because I hate it so much. Get it? But not you guys. You guys are what we consider overzealous fans. The Dark Carnival hit you so hard it must have slapped you retarded. And now, you lil' nerdy you, you have a key board, and an internet. All you need is a bigger imagination, because half them lies even other haters don't believe. Well my x-homies, I say to you this... BRING IT ON. Because as the Holy Creator as my witness, I swear to God, it makes me happy and proud to see yall up and doing your hater shit. It just lets us know how far we've actually come. Kind of like when a cheep fair is giving out bootleg mirrors and t-shirts of ICP to winners of the hoop toss. Does that upset me? Come on now. Fuck no it don't! I'm trippin' on how they got may shit hangin' up there! It just means we're balls deep in the game! We made it all the way up to where we got ninjas doing hate sites and even vendors bootleggin' our shit. Like Brittney Spears and N*Sync; only we did it our way and didn't have to even sell out. You want to hate on ICP, get in line, mother fuckas. Join the rest of the world. We're the world's most hated group. Don't you get it? You just another one of them now. What makes you think just because you were once down, you're any different? Once you hopped over that fence that's your side, now. So keep yo ass on that side and join the rest of the world in hatin' on us. Oh yeah, and while you're doing time in the Hate Penitentiary, just remember this: "Those that hate now join us not after the 6th has cometh"

It started raining in the in-store booth. It was raining diamonds. All over me and Shaggy. Sabu was also with us as well as Esham. Juggalos had real love for us and it was like a hurricane of Juggalo love and diamonds up in that bitch.I wanted to stretch my arms out and hug the whole Gathering like a Stretch Armstrong Homo, but it just wasn't possible. We were getting all types of love at the in-store. Ninjas drew pictures for us, wrote special letters about how we touched there lives in special ways. I'm tellin' yall it was straight up raining diamonds in that bitch. A lot of Juggalettes sprouted titties too. Some ninjas and ninjettes even cried they were so happy to see us back. I tried to front, but I was crying to. All weekend I was crying like a big baby huey bitch ass, but I kept it in hard to uphold my gangsta thugginess. After the autograph signing, Twiztid came in the booth to start there in-store which meant, we had to go. This made it especially cool, because it's always so hard to leave an in-store when you haven't finished everybody. I fuckin' hate it. HOWEVER, YOU TELL ME, what would you do? I mean honestly what else could we do? We had a schedule to keep to. That' what's makes the Gathering what it is. All the different shit going on is the bomb.During our in-store, ninjas from back in line were yelling shit like "Come on man, only sign one thing, hurry up, and remember there are still 1000 ninjas behind you". But then when they themselves would get up in that bitch it was like "Ok, now get a pic with you, my bitch and holding this picture of my homie... Ok now take one of me and you without my homie's pic but get my bitch in there too... Ok now, just you and my homies pic, and Sabu..." It was crazy, but luckily this year there was just too much love in the air because even when we had to leave the in-store, nobody booed us. And we just crept off to get ready for wrestling.

Me and Sunny were playin' some serious eye ball games with each other in the JCW dressing room after yesterday's lil' ring side discussion, but Missy Hyatt had me on lock down. She was even callin' me out in front of all the wrestlers about how I had turned her out last night. She wasn't trying to let Sunny and me be alone for a half second, because she knew I wanted to nail that shit. We were all getting into our spandex and trunks when the word came down. There's some type of Riot taking place way on the other side of the convention complex. Then they just told us to chill. About a half hour went by and they finally told us the deallio. All events for the rest of the afternoon were cancelled except the main concerts.

That fuckin' sucked. My fresh Book Seminar was supposed to go down right after wrestling too and I was hyped as hell to see if anybody was gonna show. (In case yall don't know, I got a real, full on book comin' out called "Behind the Paint" that I wrote. It's like an 800 page full on novel about my life before, and then from the very, very beginning days of ICP's career right on up to today. It's all about how things have REALLY gone down. The book will be out hopefully around Christmas. We're going to do some fresh ass, B Dalton, book signings and all that shit. What if we make New York's fuckin' best seller list, how fresh would that be?

I was pissed as fuck my book seminar got shot down. Slowly, piece by piece afterwards we started hearing what and who really got shot down... Ninjas, Juggalos and Juggalettes because of Ninjettes showing their titties! The police shot ninjas with rubber bullets and tear gas because they had to stop the mass danger and horrid insanity that comes with.... tittie flashing? What the fuck? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Are Peoria police that fuckin' nerdy that they would break something up like the Gathering of the Juggalos just for that? Holy Fuck. Are they that clueless as to what the fuck is going on? It's not like the shit even took place outdoors and in public where a lil' ass innocent Peoria child might have be exposed to a tittie and been left with a child hood trauma scar. Or something like that, but no. It all happened right inside the convention. After a "Tittie" chant broke out, none the less. Nothing but Juggalettes flashin' what Juggalos was beggin' to see, in the privacy of our own fuckin' $100 a ticket, fuckin' CONVENTION. Then word has it that the cops tried to arrest the Juggalette for nipple showin' and that's when the hundreds of Juggalos watching was like "awwwwwwww hell naaaaaaa" and allegedly started throwin' shit and the rest went all to hell.

Think about that though. Think about how fuckin' stupid and lame the officer was that made the call to risk all that drama (which very well could of been MUCH worse, if they only knew) over a nipple ticket. People could have been killed over a giant riot. It could have started a real riot if the Gathering were to have been shut down over that stupid shit. Ninjas could have suffocated and even died in that fuckin' tear gas, while being trampled to death. Fuckin' idiot ass fuckin' cops. What the fuck is wrong with you fuckin' nerds hiding behind badges?

That was a fuckin' bad call arresting that girl in-front of all those rowdy Juggalos OVER SOMETHING AS STUPID AS A TITTIE FLASH. Only you fuckin' pig fucks would never admit it. You fucks. That whole thing will just go down as another bad NOTCH on our Juggalo record, when it never had to be like that. We was just having fun with each other and not fuckin' harming each other in any way, not harming the building or anything like that. We was just rockin' and rollin' the same way you nerdy fucks did back when you had a brain and a heart.

MY QUOTE ON THE MATTER: I'm no judge, or fuckin' mayor or chief of any fuckin' police. I'm just a rapper, but who the fuck made that call? Who in the mother fuck made the call to arrest that chick in front of all those partying ass Juggalos? Yes, I guess flashing titties are illegal but so is cussing in public. So technically arresting us on stage as Dark Lotus would of been within' the law's power. But how stupid would that have been? I mean sometimes, it's just one of them scenarios where it would be less risk and less harmful to the general public at hand, to just let minor offences like that slide. Who was the fuckin' stupid and lame nerdy ass cop that seen it differently? Who was the fuckin' geek that made the judgment and said, "Fuck it fellas... come on, lets nail this criminal!" and then arrest the chick? I'm saying to him... "It's a mother fuckin' rock concert going on you fuckin' nerdy ass fuck! Bitches have been flashin' their titties at ninjas for as long as they've had them! Chill the fuck out you fuckin' small town ass, fuckin' geeky ass, keystone ass, cop nerd. If I was chief of Peoria Police I'd fire the fuckin' geek, that made that call, which ended up causing mad people to get hurt and gassed and shot with rubber bullets.Fuckin' faggot ass cops. You the only dangerous ones in your city.

Next thing I knew the head ninja of the Peoria Convention Hall was asking us if we'd address the arena, that had been packed with Juggalos about what had went down and ask them to keep it cool for tonight's shows. Now we've been asked to do shit like this 1000 times at 1000 places in the past, and the fact is, me and Shaggy are really the last ones you want up on stage to calm Juggalos down. We'll get up there and tell them to tear your ass in half. The truth is, I was almost too pissed off at Peoria Police or security or who ever made that fuckin' stupid call which fucked up our afternoon.

I wanted to take my fuckin' shirt off, and show MY FUCKIN' nipples... but I knew that would of definitely ENDED the entire gathering right then and there, so I chose not to.

We did the best we could at explaining to the Juggalos that some fuckin' people just don't see things the way we do. We all need to adjust our tittie tactics a bit to satisfy the nerdiness of Peoria and there nerdy fuck rules... if we want to see this Gathering thing out. We kept our stale peace speech short and sweet and to the point and then we were off the stage. I really hate doing that "calm down" shit and 9 times out of 10, me and Shaggy just flat out refuse to. You'll never hear me telling Juggalos to calm down and stop rushing the stage or anything like that. We always let them dictate how our shows are going to go down. But this being the Gathering and all, we just explained to the Juggalos the way things have to be if we want to keep the Gathering alive for the rest of the time. The same thousands and thousands of Juggalos that watched me slip and bust my back in half not even 24 hours earlier were very understanding and cool, about it all. The rest of the night went off without a hitch and plenty of titties were flashed all night long so fuck them faggot ass cops.

I joined Twiztid for the song "Left Field" on stage towards the end of their show, then Shaggy and everybody else came out and we put it down hard. That shit was so fun.

After that, we were headed back to our hotel. Back at the telly, I engaged in some private, quiet time, hurt back, sexual activities. All I can say at this time is that my hands, mouth and dick along with a certain female's neden, hands and mouth were involved. What, when, where, and with whom will have to remain purely speculation to yall at this time, for 2 reasons. No. 1 You really shouldn't even give a fuck, I mean it ain't got nothing to do with anything anyways. And No. 2 Out of pure and true Juggalette respect for her, I just don't need to be tellin' her business.

Day 3 - SUNDAY

It's hard to remember everything clearly because the longer the Gathering went on, the less sleep I got, the more fucked up my back became, and the more doped up I had to get on pain pills in order to survive. If there's one thing I hate to do it's bitch and moan about an injury, but my back had my ass in a Camel Clutch. I woke up trying to tap out to myself. I remember waking up in incredible fuckin' pain, Sunday. I don't know how, but my back was on some whole other shit than yesterday. I must have fucked it up last night when I put that chick in my patented 260, abdominal stretch, pelvic thrust technique. I don't know, but even Kelly with another fresh ass omelet, peppered with Somas and Vikadens wasn't cheering me up. My shit was broke.

If I remember the first thing we did after we got ready was go pull Esham outta his room, and away from not one, BUT TWO, naked Juggalettes still asleep in his bed. I wanted to just stay there with them 2 bitches and paint Esham up like me, but, fuck it, we had to put it down for the Juggalos on this day especially, because this was not only the final day of the Gathering 2002, but tonight we finally get to step on stage for the first time in 8 months as who we truly are. IC mother fuckin' P. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope bitch, until I'm dead and gone. My back suddenly... well I can't front. It fuckin' hurt and I played it off to the fullest.

The first thing we did was do another autograph signing with our dogs Esham and Sabu. Juggalos never fuckin cease to amaze me. Ninjas came threw that bitch with Tattoos that took up they whole body. I always think back...

I remember New Years Eve, 1999. I was at this club in Detroit called the Motor Lounge, with about 6 ninjas. Billy Bill, Shaggs, Tom Dub, Patrick, it was a grip of us. Some ninja comes up to me and lifts his sleeve and shows me a tattoo of some symbol or art thing or something. Truthfully, I didn't know what the fuck it was or why he was showing me this fagot ass tattoo. Then he said, "Naaaa, look real close, it used to be a Hatchet Man, but I had it covered last year." I just stood there dumb founded because I didn't know what to say to the guy. I remember I asked "Why you get it covered up homie?" and he just looked at me and smiled like a fuckin prick and said "Come on dude, I'm fuckin' 25 now, I got that shit when I was 19, man. I was just a kid."

I just turned around and walked away. I didn't know what to say to him. The ninja once had a tattoo of the Hatchet Man, but now its' almost like he's fuckin' dissin' me, or US by saying "dude, I was just a kid" kind of like saying our shits for kids. The truth is I didn't know how to take it, so I just walked away. But now after about 3 years of thought on the matter this is how I feel: Fuck that fuckin' kid. Fuck him. If he grew out of our shit, he should have just left it at that, instead of coming up to me, just to point out that he ain't down no more. In fact, in my opinion, that was almost cause for an ass whippin'. I Mean I could see him showing me that if we was sitting on a plane next to each other or sittin' in a jail cell someplace together. But for him to walk right up and flash that he ain't down no more right in front of me and my crew, let me know that he did grow out of our shit, and right into some hoe shit.

Drop me an Email and let me know what you think about that situation. Should I have stomped the kid, or no? You tell me. All I know is that I ain't never gonna cover any of my shit up because my tats represent me and my history. My personal legacy is tatted on me and I could never regret any of that shit. Even if I grew out of something tatted on me, it still represents a part and time in my life and where I was at and what I was into then. That's just how I feel, so fuck that kid. Ok back to the Gathering.

Anyway like I was saying, Juggalos never cease to amaze me. Ninjas had tattoos all over there bodies, and just knowing that, makes me even more exited about the 6th. Because I know that fuckin' much that we didn't let ANYBODY down. Even the ninjas, especially the ninjas covered in tattoos. It's there fuckin' album.

Esham was all over the Gathering chasing Juggalettes, smokin' trees, and loving every minute of it. This was Esham's first Gathering, but he's no stranger to Juggalos. But more about Esham and the iced out, platinum, Hatchet Man charm he was rumored to be rockin' under his coat, when we feel yall are ready for that.

After the in-store we went right off to JCW wrestling. I didn't have a match because my back was backwards. However they replaced me with that fuckin' weirdo fuck Moon Glorious. It was Moon, and his 2 gay partners Lenny and Lodi verses the "Lynch Mob" a.k.a. (our Juggalo homies) Cash Flow, Corporal Robinson and 2 Tuff Tony in a 6 man fag team match. From what I could see from backstage, the match sucked, it looked to me like maybe Moon Glorious had a fucked up back and wrist too, because he was lookin' bad in that fuckin' ring.

The 3 homos won and after that, I got fixed up and ready for our big ass, DOUBLE SIZED ICP SEMINAR. We had it moved to a bigger room to make up for the bullshit cancellation of yesterday's seminar thanks to the fuckin' tittie-phobic Peoria Police fuck ups.

I wanted to fuck Sunny again in the wrestling dressing room but her husband or boyfriend or whatever, fellow wrestler Chris Candido would probably whip my ass. He'd probably just put me in the torture rack and fuck my back up for life, but even with that possibility, I was willing to risk never walking again to fuck Sunny.

To be honest, Sunny wasn't even really that friendly or anything like that. I Liked Missy Hyatt way better, she's my shizznit. I'm all about Missy, she's the bomb. "www.wrestlingvixxxons.com". Sunny wasn't a bitch or anything like that, it was just that her aura was damaged. She seemed tired and upset on the inside, at least that's what my Carnival spirits were telling me. But man, that was on the inside, her outside needed some of this dick. I really wanted to get her alone and find out what she was like and what that neden felt like wrapped around my Juggalo dick piece. I really wanted to give her something besides a paycheck, but Chris was all over that shit. So was Missy Hyatt again. Missy was on some "Ain't nobody with Joe but me" type of shit. That over whelmed me by itself but "this playa is married to the GAME", yall. So Sunny was my target that day. She was shootin' helly "come get this ass" looks at me all fuckin' day long too just fuckin' with me. I'll get to her one day. And I know somebody will probably tell her about this report, and I hope they do...

Dear Sunny...
You and I are going to fuck and you and I both know that, and we both know that's it's going to be the shit, so don't even front. I'm looking forward to the day this occurs and the friendship that hopefully will evolve afterwards, which hopefully will involve more fuckin' with you.

Dear Chris...
Please take it easy on my back, it's already broke. I hope me and you can still be friends, but I have to tell you, I plan on fuckin' Sunny one day. I won't tell you about it afterwards and hopefully she won't either. But just so you know it ain't got anything to do with you. You're a great person, but when you claim a chick that fine, you're always going to have wolves like me on the prowl.

Dear Hollywood Chuck Hogan a.k.a. "Death Dealer" Tommy Star...
Yes it's true you don't fit into this scenario or story at all, in fact you ain't even got anything to do with anything I'm even talking about. However, I just wanted to give you a shout out.

Shaggy was off to do the Mystery Seminar. It featured an ultra rare appearance by none other than Shaggy's own brother John Kick Chass. He is the mysterious old school, 3rd member of ICP from the Dog Beats EP and on the Carnival of Carnage album. He quit us back in 1992 and today he ain't doing nothing much of anything fresh. I can't believe he was cool enough to come and speak about his decision to leave ICP 10 years ago and what he thinks about it all now. I just wish I could have been there to hear it. I haven't really spoken hardly 2 words to John since he left the group way back then. We left on kind of bad terms, I guess, and nothing has every really changed that except time. No discussion was ever had about it or anything. He was my best friend back then and he just up and left the group when we needed him most, over some bull shit bitch and some other bullshit. Only Shaggy ever really sees him. I ain't even seen the ninja in years. I hope somebody filmed that seminar because I myself would love to see that. And as far as I'm concerned John Kick Chass is the shit for coming down and finally explaining himself, even if I missed it.

That was the past; I was all about the future. The mother fuckin' ICP of today and our mother fuckin' seminar that was about to go down in front of about 2500 Juggalos. Word even has it that thousands of eager Juggalos were shut out because none more could fit in. My brother Rob told me that everybody at the Gathering was all tying to see the ICP seminar. That was the shit to hear. That made me feel like the man up in that bitch. I had the info. I had the mic and was ready to take the stage. As soon as Shaggy wraps up his Mystery Seminar with John Kick Chass, he'd be right over here as well.

First the homie Alex took the stage, and introduced me. Then I came out and called out Twiztid, Esham, Sabu, Rude Boy, and Legs Diamond a.k.a. Rich Murrel. I went out there and put it down. Yeah I was scared to death but it all had to come out and the more I told the better I felt. The seminar will speak for itself if you watch it, if your computer sucks, just barrow a homies or something, because you have to see it. That was one of the greatest moments in my life.

Blaze came out, we smoked one with everybody, and it was perfect. Shaggy came out in his Lotus Mask fresh from his thang and joined us just before the final unveiling of the 6th. We did it. Watch it. See for your self. The Wraith. Believe it.

After the seminar, we went in the back stage area to get ready for the concert. I been ready, I was like, gimmy the fuckin' mic now, but first we had some guest. Mack 10 and Bubba Sparxxx. Mack 10 went out there and fuckin' sawed the crowd's heads in half droppin' mad West Side Connection hits as well as his own. Me, Shaggy and Esham were on the side, up under the balcony and watching Mack 10's performance. We were getting live as fuck, but we couldn't help it. Mack 10 is the lick, West side is the shit. We couldn't get enough of that Gangsta shit. It was straight up fuckin' awesome.

Mack 10 was shocked that so many of the 8000 Juggalos ninjas knew his shit, I was shocked that he was shocked. I figured if it's underground and dope, most Juggalos probably have been up on it and I was right, he got nothing but mad clown love, out there.After his show we talked for about 15 minutes, me Esham and Mack 10. He was real excited about the way his shit had just went down. He was asking about possibly touring together with us and all that. His new album just came out last Tuesday. He kept saying "Fuck that shit man; I'm a fuckin' Juggalo now. I'm rollin' with yall. That shit was tight. Them people out there, them fuckin' Juggalos, they were the shit, that was unlike any show I'd ever done." He was fuckin' hyped. I was on top of the world. Flat out. Hearing Mack 10 give the Juggalo world props like that, had my head spinning. It was the fuckin' bomb. Mack 10 is the shit and fuck anybody that doesn't feel that.

Then next up was Bubble Sparkles. I was so hyped about Mack 10 and the Juggalos hittin' shit off so well I walked into Bubba Sparxxx's dressing room to welcome them and wish them a bomb ass show. I talked to Bubba and some other guys with him and it seemed all gravy. So I went back in our dressing room, gettin' ready.

A half hour later Esham comes in the room "Their fuckin' booin' Bubba!" I didn't know what to think. I Just talked to the guy and told him how great his show was going to be and how much fun he was going to have and BLAM!!! They're booin' his ass the fuck off stage! I never expected that, then again, you never know what to expect any time Juggalos are involved.

Turns out I heard about 100 different stories about how the booing actually got started and why it all went down, but they all point to the same thing. It's at least, positively 50 percent, (that's fuckin' "HALF" to my special friends) Bubba's own fuckin' fault. They said it took him forever to come out on stage and his DJ kept announcing him and he wouldn't come out and finally ninjas started gettin' pissed. Then when his DJ told the Juggalos some shit like "I'll be right back, I'll go get Bubba" the Ninjas had enough and started booing their ass.

Then they said finally Bubba came out, only he was on some "Fuck this show" type of attitude or whatever. Sayin' shit like "Yall can't fuck with Bubba.... Yall don't wanna fuck with Bubba". However, just keepin' it really real, I'd say the other 50 percent (HALF), was Psychopathic's own fault. Turns out, we LATER learned that Bubba Sparxxx has a video on MTV that features members from Eminem's rainbow coalition known as D-12. Now, this we DID NOT know or truthfully Bubba Sparxxx would have just kindly been asked to "fuck off" in the first place and never been invited to the Gathering to begin with. But if we're keepin' it real, then let's KEEP IT X-TRA REAL. We're dumb, and out of the loop. We flat out didn't know that. We don't watch MTV. We didn't know shit about who's in his fuckin' videos.

Twiztid had his CD and we heard at a few times, when we were out touring. We liked it so we invited him to the Gathering thinking Juggalos would dig on it too. That's it. But Juggalos are like ninjas, and they have an ear to the street about shit like that, they could sense his "hoe-ass-ness" right from the get. Even so, I still felt he shouldn't have gotten boo'd off just for having lame ass P-19 in his video. IT AIN'T NO REAL REASON TO HATE ON BUBBA just because he's cool with W-D-40. That don't mean he's taking sides in anything or even gives a fuck about who D-12 or Eminem is battlin' with. He's probably got his own shit to worry about. Bubba Sparxxx probably only watches Bubba Sparxxx's back just like us at Psychopathic. He obviously wasn't reppin' D-12 that hard or he never would of even agreed to do the Gathering of the Juggalos right? I mean at least he was down to come give it a shot or whatever.

At least that's how I felt until I was later informed of what he said on his way off the stage. What I didn't know, was that Bubble Spunky sealed his own coffin' with the Juggalo Nation on his way off stage when he yelled "D-12 in this bitch!!" After that, even I ain't got nothing nice to say about Bubby.

We apologies to Bubble and the Juggalos. We just ain't that hip to what the fucks on MTV and BET and who is with who and all that shit anymore or we would of known better. Good news though, yall Juggalos scared the poop out of Bumpy Spankings, because he needed a full on immediate police escort all the way home to Alabama. Before I knew what had all really gone down out there, I ran out of my dressing room and tried to apologize to Buffy as he was on his way out of the building, but he seemed salty. He wouldn't even look up at me. I heard from a wrestler that after Buggles first came off stage he was yelling some shit like "They set me up! They set me up!" Talking about us! As if me and Joey paid his $20,000 Grand Fee or whatever he fuckin' charged us, just so he could get boo'd off? Maybe we would have done that to EMINEM; I mean that sounds like a funny ass fresh prank to pull on somebody you really do hate them, but No Bubba... We didn't set you up. First we'd have to at least give a fuck about who you are, to wanna do something like that.

Things went bad for him and us, fuck it though. Let him go get in line with rest of the entire galaxy that already hates Insane Clown Posse. I guess we'll just forever be haunted by these kinds of un-explainable, unexpected issues of "beef" between us and other artist. What can we say?

With Bungy Spunk fuckin' gone from the building and out of the way, and with Mack 10 and all his boys properly propped up side stage and ready to watch the shit go down, it was now time for the Insane Clown Posse to do what we do. My back hurt, but it was raining diamonds inside that arena. Do you fuckin' hear me? It was God like. It was raining diamonds on us and nobody or nothing could stop that or take it away from us.

Our DAT tape started, and we came out strapped up Hannibal Lechter style. BOOM!!!! THEY LET US GO! The first fuckin' song we did was called "Murder Rap" and it's from the 6th Jokers Card. We just said "fuck it" and put it on the show tape only 24 hours before we left for the Gathering. Me and Shaggy just decided to put on some sickness from the 6th, but I don't think many of the ninjas really even realized it was a new tune because the whole floor looked like a human body of water. Human beings couldn't possibly get any live-er. I Don't give a fuck in Elvis himself came out the grave and broke into "Blue Suede Shoes" right at Grace Land, a show just couldn't be any liver, than what we had going on. The 8000 Juggalos looked like a giant mass, mess of flesh, hair, arms and painted faces all jumping up and down at the same time. Painted fuckin' clown faces were all you could see for as far as the eye could see, all the way up the balconies. For a second I thought, this sight must of terrified poor Buffer Spinx, seeing all these serial killers flippin' him off, and throwin' shit at him.

The fuckin' barricade and Juggalos had to be moved back an additional 5 EXTRA feet from the stage, (because of the pyrotechnics used while revealing the 6th) on top of the building's standard safety, nerdy policy of 8 feet, making it a total of about a 13 foot leap to reach the crowd with a fresh stage dive. Something my fat ass wasn't prepared to do. So that was out even though I spent all weekend bragging to Juggalos at the Seminars and autograph sessions, about how much stage diving I plan on doing from now on. First I bust my ass and snap my spine in half during the Dark Lotus set when I tried to stage dive, and now during ICP's set, you gotta be fuckin' Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka just to reach the first front row of ninjas. That pissed me off, but it just kept on raining diamonds. We called out Esham the Unholy who came out to join us on stage and he shocked even me and Shaggy when he came out in his old school, "Homie Don't Play" clown face paint. We also brought out Sabu, Twiztid, Blaze and ABK. We had the whole Family out there. We all cleared off the stage when the Wraith was shown, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! PYRO!

With the Juggalos in awe of The Wraith, we came back out with the entire Hatchet Family including the JCW wrestlers, the Morten's List Crew, the Dark Carnival Games ninjas and every fuckin' body. I don't know if the Faygo Armageddon ever happened, or even what it really was. To the best of my knowledge, it was supposed to be 4 giant pallets of Faygo 2 liters placed on the main floor. All 4 were supposed to be covered and guarded until the Armageddon stated. But I think the Convention Hall pulled the fuckin' plug on that or whatever, but even so, there was more Faygo flyin' off that stage and more diamonds raining in there than in Heaven itself.

That's how I seen it. That's' how I felt, that's how I remember it all going down. Yes I left many, many, many things out. Some things were VERY interesting and worthy of your attention, but I'm already fuckin' like 15 pages deep into this bitch. Plus I'm out of time. I'm finishing this up right now. it's early as fuck Monday morning, August 5th, 2002, at 1:41 AM. JCW Wrestler and my homie Corporal Robinson is chillin' behind me rollin' joints.

So much incredible, fresh shit is ABOUT to go down. It's such a fresh time to be alive as a Juggalo. Be careful Ninjas. Don't get into any trouble, or have any fatal accidents now, because it's all about to get so fresh. I can prove it too. If you're a Juggalo, do this, and see for yourself.

Think about what and where the tallest and highest place near you in your area is. Maybe a roof top, maybe a building top, maybe a sky scraper, a fuckin' hill top, whatever is nearest to you that you can get too. Elevate yourself somehow as high as you can. Then... look to the west and I promise you'll see it. Nobody else can see it though, but you will. Not even the fuckin' News 4, Doppler Radar Tracking System can pick it up, but your Juggalo eyes will be able to clearly see it. Just climb up, go to the highest point, and look west. If you're truly a Juggalo in your heart you'll see it. It is this...

A huge, flashing, sequence like, bling-blinging, lit up, sparkling, rain cloud, headed your way. The feelings, the signs and the times all clearly point out that it's about to rain diamonds on us from November 5th on threw out the rest of eternity.

Violent J